Interim Management

A fast and cost-effective way to bring in specific leadership skills to your company

Hiring an interim manager is a quick and cost-effective way to bring in specific leadership skills to your company to manage change, execute projects or fill any gaps that have arisen in management. An interim manager gives your company an increased degree of flexibility, knowledge and the capacity to implement change and solve challenges. The model is generally suitable and is adaptable to almost all industries and companies.

Interim management – experience & efficiency in high demand

When you hire us, you will have access to a huge network of qualified leaders, which will enable you to select the right management person. Our network consists of people with comprehensive industry experience and knowledge of interim management and these people have the ability to understand your business quickly.

The Benefits of Interim Management

Whatever your needs when hiring an Interim Manager, the benefits are as follows:

  • Speed – can be on site within a few days, with minimal recruitment or dismissal formalities.
  • Experience – can immediately get started and quickly become productive and efficient. Interim managers are often over-qualified for the work they carry out.
  • Results – they are equally as good as their previous assignments – track record and achievement are what counts. They are used to being evaluated based on results and they know how to deliver.
  • Transfer of knowledge – they bring a great deal of skills, contacts and experience to the team. This knowledge remains long after they have left the organization.
  • Objectivity – while they maintain a good sense of the company’s values, they are not limited by internal corporate policy.
  • Focused – their performance is measured in the important tasks they are assigned.
  • Productivity – they can act as advisors to the board while also taking operational responsibility and delivering on target.