Our values


Our consultants have extensive experience of senior positions within both the private and public sector. They therefore gain swift insight into a clients’ activities and can assess their needs from a business, organisational and corporate culture perspective. At Lisberg we are passionately and fully committed to every assignment – it is deeply rooted in our company history and corporate culture.

Business-oriented professionalism

We believe that a business-oriented and professional attitude to our clients’ goals is a prerequisite for success. Increasing our clients’ profitability, long-term and short-term, is a fundamental and over-riding criterion in all our Executive Search and assessment/audit assignments.  We assure continued quality by requesting client evaluations of our process, once the assignment has been completed.


Every assignment is unique and this places certain demands on our consultants. As a company we are always eager to listen, and always ready to question processes or re-think an approach where needed. The trust placed in our methods, by our clients, is the key to our success. All companies and employees have strengths and weaknesses, similarities and differences, all of which must be taken into account so that the right person is in the right position and the organisation develops in the right direction.

We use only quality assured, reputable and standardised tools for personality profiling and management assessment. We have the expertise to customise our tools according to the client’s needs and preferences.